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Vigil Book poem

Finally got around to writing some things in my Vigil Book.
The poem in my Vigil Book, by Master Michael Alewright, with my deep appreciation:

Home and hearth unbuilt can never grow
In all-embracing warmth, as will the wood; but
Leaves may fade and fall, whilst walls remain,
Defying Winters touch and wolf’s intent;
Each stone a triumph, bearing up a
Roof that mocks the rain and smiles at snow.
Unassuming mortar binds the whole, and
Nature’s chaos bows to Man’s control.

Harm will seldom guest within the home
Unbidden, where a Mother’s love may dwell.
Go hence, ye wolf! Or better learn to bite.
Expect no welcome, bear, And Master Boar,
Learn further courage ere you come too near.
More peaceful rovers find both meat and drink
And company’s delight within her walls.
No questing wight a truer heart may know,
Nor find a better friend, nor fiercer foe.
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