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Gone batty

Tuesday morning, 3:30am. cat runs across the bed, fast. and again. meow-quacks. and races again... I finally look up... and see the BAT flying around our bedroom in circles! The door to the attic is in our bedroom, and is open for air flow. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Holy shit, there's a bat in the bedroom!
Ben: What? No there isn't.
Me: Arrrggghhh, I'm staying under the covers!
Ben: Ah! It IS a bat!
Me: (from under the covers) Whattawedo? Whattawedo? Omigawd! Holy shit!
Cat: Mnower!
Ben: I... I. don't. know.
Me: I'm leaving! [rolls of the bed and crawls commando-style to the hallway] Are you coming?!?
Ben: [turns on the bedside light]...shut the door...
Me: OK. [shuts the bedroom door with Ben, the cat and the bat inside]
Otto: Mommy? Did the kitty eat the bat? CARL! THERE'S A BAT!
Carl: Mmmrrrph? I'm sleepin'. [Pulls the pillow over his head]
Me: Um... Ben? Everything OK?
Ben: Yeah. [opens the bedroom door] It flew back up to the attic.
Cat: Mnyah!!
Me: Sooo, we have a bat in the attic?
Otto: Did the kitty eat him?
Me: No, go back to bed!
Ben: Yeah, he's in the attic. [climbs back into bed and turns off the light]
Me: [blink blink] um. um. ummmmmm. [sigh] OK. That was weird.
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