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Clothes (slightly boring)

We looked through the kids' garb last night.  Not too bad... four outfits for Carl, five for Otto.  They'll only be up for 3 1/2 days, so that's pretty good.  Ideally, they should each have 5-6 outfits b/c of wet and dirt.  Kids that age get *dirty*.  I mean, really, really filthy.  They each have a couple of hoods, too, that just barely fit.  Bit fit they do!  Carl has a linen coif, and Otto needs one.  Spent a few hours last night hand-sewing one for him.  Needs another couple of hours, and I'll be done.  Why handsew something that would otherwise take maybe 20 mins on a machine? Practice of course!  Used the techniques I learning in "Woven Into the Earth" (Highly recommend - look, it's on sale!).  Workds great! And looks way better than machine sewing, too.  Guarantee that Otto loses it, though! :)

My garb looks pretty good.  Same as last year, except my favorite shift is dying a slow, fraying death.  Ben cut out another one for me, but I have yet to sew it.  I've realized I'm not sure how to finish the seams. French, flat fell, zig zag?? It's a fine, sort of slippy linen.  Can't decide.  Otherwise I have a purple cotehardie Ts'vee'a made for me that's extra since last year, and likely a pink kirtle.  Ben also cut out a Viking apron dress that I need to put together and fit.  I think I'm going to baste it together to fit it first, then take it apart, finish all the edges, then sew it back together.  That one may not get done, as I don't have an undertunic to go with it.
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