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A good day

We had a good day today.  I packed my lunch for once, a regular goal, and I was productive at work.  At lunch, I took an hour and paid all the family medical bills for the past few years. (YAY!)  Plus the sandwich I made was very good.  And I packed pickles.  I love barrel pickles.   I bought a birthday present for my mom, a refurbished TomTom GPS system.  If I can get past her Luddite tendencies, she is going to love it.  My sister is going in on it with me, too.    Otto found a *real* ladybug at school and was absolutely thrilled.   They have both been asking where Daddy is, though, since they are not used to seeing me drive.  They were both good at school despite the time change, and made artwork for me.  Otto also brought home a cupful of what looks like snow, is labeled snow, but is also made of corn.  Dunno what the stuff it, but it's weird.  Otto is thrilled with that, too, and is currently sleeping with it hugged tightly to his chest.

When we got home, I cooked up a delightful dinner. Here is the approximate recipe:
  • a pan in which you have cooked bacon, but drained off most of the grease, meaning lots of bacon fond.  I suppose you could just use a little Olive oil or something, though
  • 2 cooked chicken breasts (thanks Alaric and Elsbeth!)
  • about 3/4 of a 20 oz can of pineapple chunks in juice, drained,
  • some of the pineapple juice
  • some amount of good soy sauce, probably a few tablespoons
  • about a tablespoon of rice wine vinegar
  • some onion flakes, maybe a tablespoon
  • couscous made with half water, half College Inn White Wine & Herb Culinary Broth (yeah, my company makes it, but it is seriously delicious stuff), and a little butter, maybe a teaspoon.  No salt needed, since the broth is salty enough
Dice the chicken breasts and warm them in the pan.  Once warm, throw in the pineapple and juice and scrape the bottom to deglaze.  Add onion flakes, soy sauce, and vinegar and cook about 5 minutes, until the pan sauce  is reduced some.  Sprinkle with cinnamon and serve over the couscous.

The thing took 10 minutes, total, since the chicken was already cooked, and couscous is so fast. I didn't use cinnamon. It occurred to me that it would have been good after we had eaten it.  Also, the kids didn't get the couscous (too messy), they each had a slice of leftover pizza for their starch. Yeah, I'm a pushover.

I had a nice time a Prior Cactus (what Otto calls Choir practice) thanks to oushi  for babysitting! Then I put the kids to bed, did some laundry, messed with policy stuff, decided I was too tired to do that, and then called Ben.  They had a good first day at the Gode Bakery, though not as good as last year.  That sort of thing is kinda unpredictable, though.  He said goodnight to the kids (Otto told him about the "snow" and the real ladybug), and we chatted some.  He said everyone is mostly in good spirits.

I now have a pile of clean clothes and towels to put away, but I think I'll go to bed instead.
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