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Am bummed.  Need to be cheered up.  Bluh bluh bluh, too much to do and not doing any of it.  Bluh bluh bluh.  My biggest accomplishment was giving the kids a bath. Bluh bluh bluh.  Gained two pounds between yesterday and today. OK, so it was probably the sweater and shoes, but ugh.  Bluh bluh bluh.  And I miss my Tues/Thurs hit of Buck Godot.  I wish they had done more of him.  Bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh.   The Hilda happy is not working.

On the upside, Carl learned animal noises today (What Do You Say? by Mandy Stanley).  His lion ROOAAAAR was especially cute.  I was putting Otto's eczema cream on him after the bath.  He asked what I was doing, and I said "Putting cream on on your eczema.  Can you say 'eczema'?"  He gave me a strange look and said "Eggs in ear?" and pointed to his ear quizzically.  He was very confused. And Very Cute.
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