December 17th, 2009

Zoo Family

One heck of a day!

First, the good! Kelly (oushi ) had the baby!!! A new baby niece (sort of)! I'm an Auntie (kinda) again!! Kelly is a hella woman for that long labor! Whoooo Doggies! Here's the quote from Facebook from her and Shane:

Lillian Martha Blais was born this morning, 12-17-09, at 11:10am after nearly 33 hours of labor. She weighs 8lbs 2oz. head 36cm, chest 35cm, length 20 inches. Big blue eyes and an apetite like daddy's. Everyone is healthy and safe at home. We have many, many pictures to share, but for now we all need sleep. Thank you... all for your kind and inspiring words! Have a great night.

Next, the bad: Ben's Dad had a minor heart attack today. He's just fine, resting in the hospital and going to go home tomorrow to a giant house full of people. Yeah, that will help. Honestly, why wouldn't they stay home? There will be eight more people than normal, 4 of whom are children. Five, if you count Ben's whiny grown sister. We're going out to visit tomorrow, too, because Ben's mom wants us to, but jeez! I'm worried, too, but I want him to rest and get better, not overwhelm him!

And the ugly: I'm getting a cold.... BOOO! I wanted to hold Baby Lil. New babies smell so good! Oh well, it can wait a week.