November 29th, 2009


Turkey Trot!

I walked/ran the YMCA's Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning. Success! Finished in what I believe to be record time! The timing wasn't corrected for the start delay, and I think I crossed the start line at least a minute, maybe two, after the gun. My official time was 54:34, about 35 seconds over my best time, so I think I beat it.

I finished 2414 out of 2416. Don't care much about that, but there were so many serious runners! I thought it was a family-oriented thing, but there was not a fat or old chick in sight! Besides me. :) Anyways, thanks to erink for coming back for me! It was really, really nice to have someone to finish with. So thanks! You're a gem! Plus, she took this pic after:

[Edit: notice the nifty new userpic!]