November 3rd, 2009

Zoo Family

Pie Baking Contest at November Barony Meeting!‏

Don't forget - Barony Meeting is at 1pm this Sunday at the Baron & Baroness's Castle is Wexford.  Archery starts at 11am.  Barony Meeting will also feature... PIE!!!  Yup, there will be a pie-baking contest!  Bring your best! Here are the rules:

1. There will be two winners, one for best Fall Vegetable Pie (pumpkin/squash/sweet potato/etc) and one for best Fall Fruit Pie (apple/pear/etc).
2. Winners will be chosen by popular vote, so bring enough, or cut it small!  Everyone at the meeting gets two markers, one for vegetable and one for fruit, and they vote by placing their markers at their favorite pies.
3. As long as you can justify your entry as a "Harvest Pie", you can enter it. Pumpkin cheesecake? That's a custard pie! Pumpkin roll? A spatially-challenged pie! Apple bars? Crust-less mini-pies!
4.  In case of a tie, an expert panel of judges will decide the winners.
5.  Prizes will be bragging rights for an entire year! And the adolation of the populace! (Plus maybe some other goodie I can drum up.)  Does anyone have a prize they can donate?

Otto waking up

Otto frequently talks to himself when he's waking up.  It's so cute, sometimes, we just keep in in there and listen.  This morning:

-(with all the gusto and intonation of a 70-year-old woman) "Oh!! My Aches!"
-(after I coughed) "Mommy? You OK Mommy? You sick? You OK???
- "I'm a pretty girl! I'm a pretty, pretty girl!!"  (Oooooo-kay, dear)
-And of course random singing and humming.  The recognizable ones: Itsy Bitsy Spider and Old MacDonald.

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