October 31st, 2009

Zoo Family

Trick or Treat!

Our first foray into Trick or Treating! Otto (the turtle) and I went alone.  Carl (the dragon) is still a little too young.  We walked all the way up and down our street.  Otto was pretty reluctant to go up to any houses ("No, not that house, Mommy"), until one of our neighbors came all the way out and gave him candy.  He's pretty smart for a 2 1/2 year old.  I told him we wouldn't go to any houses without the lights on.  He kept up a constant stream of chatter about whether the lights were on in the houses we passed and whether there were pumpkins outside.  So cute!  He told people he was a turtle and said "Trick or Treat" with prompting and "Thank you! Bye!" without any prompting! Good boy!!!  Then he shared his candy with Carl when we got home.  It was my suggestion, but Otto did it right away and did not object at all! Carl especially likes DumDums.  When we got home, Ben had roasted chicken and butternut squash and roasted pears for us for dinner. Yum! A perfect harvest dinner!  The kids didn't eat a lot of it since I let them have a bunch of candy.  Hey, it's Halloween!! 

We got about 10 trick-or-treaters.  There was quite a preponderance of zombies this year! One parent was the Geico money! Excellent! That was the best costume.

Otto quote of the day:
Ben: We're out of fenugreek.  I have to go to Penzey's.
Otto: Runs over to a table, grabs a pen.  Here's pen-sies right here, Daddy!!

Clever boy! A good evening!