October 17th, 2009


Domestic Goddess

Done today - all with two toddlers and no husband:
  • Carl's 15 month check-up, with Otto in tow.  Carl is 70-80-somethingth percentile for everything and very healthy. He took his shots very well! Have to go back in a month for the other half of the H1N1 flu shot.
  • Half Price Books, no luck finding the one I wanted
  • Eat 'n Park for brunch, since Okids were so good (ever tried to pay a bill there with a kid holding each hand?)
  • Bank
  • Gabriel Brothers (found $3 turtle costume and $8 sneakers for Otto, plus a bunch of other things)
  • Back to the car to tend to the giant gash in Otto's chin that he got while running in the lingerie section (yup, first aid kit in diaper bag is a win - yay planning ahead!)
  • Aldi to pick up mini-cheesecake ingredients for bake sale at Agincourt (anyone else want to bring something?)
  • Borders - found book - children not so good here
  • Walgreens for Kids' Ibuprofen
  • Got mail (yup, got it, warrewyk !)
  • Tidied living room
  • Did 3 loads of laundry
  • Took nap
  • Emptied then filled and ran dishwasher
  • Made dinner
  • Cleaned bedroom floor
  • Baked cookies
  • Read books, sang songs, danced, colored, watched Lawrence Welk (toddlers LOVE Lawrence Welk, just so you know).
  • Talked to Ben and Mom and Tim and Broom and Mom again on the phone
  • Now reading email and social media stuffs. (Yay Prince Malcolm and Princess Tessa!)
Whew! I am awesome.
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