August 21st, 2009

Zoo Family

Good day so far.

The kids have off from daycare today (teacher in-service), so I had to take a vacation day.  We drove Ben into work, and since we found a metered space, we took the kids in to show off to his coworkers.  The kids were very cute at them, and it was an enjoyable 20 minutes all around.  The kids and I left Ben at work, then went home for breakfast.  I decided I didn't want to stay in all day, so we went to the Aviary. YAY Aviary! We're members there, so it's no monetary output.  oushi came out and walked around with us for a bit (she works there), which was awesome.  Not everyday you get to see your friends AND penguins in one day!

Seriously, the new penguin exhibit is really, really cool.  You can walk the whole way around, outside and in, and there's a discovery tunnel with prairie dog holes, too, so you can be literally and inch from them.  That was Otto and Carl's favorite part.  We also fed the Lorikeets.  I do not like birds perching on me, but Otto likes them up close, so we shelled out $3 to feed them nectar.  The lorikeets are always a favorite, too.  I had to buy Otto some penguin bling (6 tiny rubber penguins and a bead necklace with a glass penguin bead), then we came home, had lunch, and now they are supposed to be napping.  My philosophy on naps:  You don't have to sleep, but you do have to stay quietly in your crib.  Now I'm going to test some internet stuff for work. Bye!