June 19th, 2009

Zoo Family

Go Speed Carl, GO GO Speed Carl

Well, it's finally time.  Carl has taken to walking everywhere. Not that he doesn't fall down a lot, but now it's all about the two-legged locomotion for him.  It only took 6 days from a step or two here and there to walking as the preferred method.  Now I say to you:  LET THE RACES BEGIN!!!!

Also, I love my farmshare.  For dinner, we had a big, fresh green salad topped with scapes and leftover steak, plus a Worchester-Soy dressing.  Dessert was a big bowl of little red-ripe-the-whole-way-through strawberries and a leftover orange-cheesecake brownie.  It was....very good.  Seriously, every one of you should get in on a farm share for the strawberries alone!
Zoo Family

Morning Sounds

Heard from the boys' bedroom:

Otto: (groaning and mumbling) *shuffle shuffle*.... HEY... HEY Car-wool.  Carl-wool.  WAKE-UP CAR-WOOL!!! HEY!
Carl: *shuffle shuffle* EEEE----yayayayah!!! (sound of bottle being thrown) UH-oh!
Otto: YAY CAR-wool! HEY! *clap clap clap* Da da da, Da da da, da da da da da da da (SUng to tune of "This old man")
Carl: *giggle giggle* YayayayaYAYAYAYAYAAAAHHH!!!
Otto: Ta-DAAAAHHHHH!  *pause* Mommy?

Life is good.