June 11th, 2009


Up, Up, and Away!

We saw Up tonight at the Dependable Drive-in in Moon tonight. Excellent movie.  Tear-jerker, feel-gooder, happy ending.  I expected nothing less from Pixar.  But, why go all the way out to Moon for a movie you may ask? Why, I will tell you!  We got:

2 adult admissions
2 movies (didn't stay for the other one, it was too late)
2 drinks (large pop, small slushie)
1 hot dog
1 funnel cake (dense, not a small one)
onion rings

for $22!!! PLUS, you just bring the kids right along.  They slept comfy and happy the entire time in their car seats! Wooooo! I recommend it to all parents who miss going to movies.  Weekends in the summer are riduculously crowded, though.  Go during the week (Sun-Thurs) in the summer.
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