May 27th, 2009

Zoo Family

Carl's First Word!

Dada. Of course.

He's definitely had directed babbling for a while now. Dadadada for Ben, Mamamama for me, Uhuhuhuhuh (glottal stops there) for Otto, kagakagakaga for Jollypaws and bababababa for balls. But they aren't generally exclusive, so I wasn't counting them.

But today.... We had stopped at Sheetz from a relative's wake (Oscar U Traini, 69, a favorite cousin and original Trekkie, RIP. I will always fondly remember you). Ben wanted a quick snack on our way back and before we went to pick up our new baby jail pen thing, so he gets out of the car by himself and walks away. Otto, like he always does in that situation, says, "Where Daddy go? Daddy!" Carl, who had just been quietly chilling in the back, like he always does, says in a quiet, questioning little voice: "Uh? Uh? Dada?" Very unmistakable! Good baby!

In other news, Ben now seems to be completely recovered from the flu (or whatever it was) he caught at War Practice, and I am mostly over it. It was yucky, and I am very, very glad the kids didn't get it.

In further other news, Welcome Karl Canne! Excellent choice of name, there.