May 7th, 2009

Zoo Family


I was reading a blog about people who decide not to vaccinate their children.  If you are reading this, and you haven't vaccinated your child, I will be honest: I think you are wrong and putting both your family and the public's health at risk.  Below is my reply to someone on the blog wondering if they should vaccinate their baby or not:

Do not live your life in fear. Everything has risks.  Everything.  Vaccinating has risks.  Not vaccinating has risks.  You risk your child dying in a car accident everytime you strap him into his carseat.  You risk him being abducted everytime you turn for even a split second.  You risk him breaking his neck and being paralyzed for life the first (and second, and every) time he uses the stairs.  And on and on. You CANNOT put your child in a bubble, and you cannot protect him for everything, no matter how much you want to.  Being a mom is really scary.  Really, really scary, because there is always a risk that something will happen to your angel.

The very best thing you can do is weigh the risks and go with the course with risks you are comfortable with.  With vaccinations, for me, it is simply a numbers game.  If I did not vaccinate, then my child is more likely to catch a serious, debilitating, deadly disease than if I did vaccinate.  Easy one. Vaccinate.  Is there a chance of nasty side effects with vaccinations? Yes. Is there a greater chance of getting the nasty disease without the vaccinations. YES! Either way, you don't get a zero chance of illness.  So pick the option with LESS chance of illness.  Vaccination.

And to the people that say we have a "natural" immunity to these diseases, that is a giant load of hooey.  Millions and millions of people in the world over the years die from these diseases.  IF we had natural immunities, then we wouldn't have epidemics or pandemics. Common sense! It is true that some diseases aren't really found in the west anymore, like Polio, but that is because of vaccinating.  Eradicating disease through vaccination simply does not work if a lot of people don't do it.  Vaccinations are not a simple "personal" choice.  It's a choice about the welfare of your society and your community, as well as the health of your child.


BenBen & PooPoo

Ben bought a factory-refurbished TomTom online a little while ago and it arrived today.  I have to say, it's an interesting and very helpful little device, especially to someone like me who really, really stresses out about directions.  It was only $80 since it was not "new".  I like it! 

You know, I spent nearly that much on formula and diapers and wipes today at Sam's.  Just 2 more months until Carl is off of formula.  And maybe, just maybe, Otto will be out of diapers, too.  We'll see how this weekend goes.  Potty training ahoy! This episode: Adding Pants.  Seriously.  I did the naked training, and that kid totally is potty trained.  But only when he's naked....