February 23rd, 2009


Yay shiny gold statues

Things I do not like: Being up at 4:30am with a back that hurts a mucking lot!! Like maybe I should call a doctor lot.

Things I like: The OSCARS! I LOVE the Academy Awards!!! It's like court without royalty, and the heralds are different for every award and slightly inept! 

I thought the very best acceptance was by the woman who did the short short documentary Smile Pinki.  Her dress was beautiful and elegant, her demeanor was sweet and genuine, and her speech was perfect.

I loved the opening number - I thought it was mostly clever.  And Hugh Jackman looked positively thrilled to be there.  I thought the Nixon thing was inspired.  Beyonce was beyond flawless in the middle number, but they shouldn't have paired Hugh with her.  He has a decent voice and stage presence, but next to her, he looks and sounds like the show at bingo night.

My normally favorite categories - Best Song and Best Animated Picture - had very weak nominees.  I mean, I like King Fu Panda and all, but it wasn't really Oscar-worthy.  WALL-E was though, and, predictably, won.  The 3 nominees for Best Song...meh. I guess the best one won, but MAN, was it a slow year for original songs or what?

Sadly, I fell asleep before the end of it.  But I think the thing I take away from it is that, gee, maybe I should go see Slumdog Millionaire if it was that good.