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A Morning Chat with Ben

My darling husband has opinions. oh yes he does.  We were driving into work together yesterday morning, listening to 105.9 The X, an alternative rock station.  That song about the dead girl in the car crash came on the radio "Oh where oh where can my...BABY be? The Lord took her away from meee-ee.  She's gone to heaven so I've got to be I can see my baby when I leee-eave-ah this world..." Here is the subsequent conversation:

Me: It's weird they're playing this song on this station. It doesn't really fit.
Ben: No, I've heard it a few times now.
Me: Well, I like it, though, even though it's depressing.
Ben: Of course you do. All the good songs are about death and depressing things.
Me: No they aren't! There are plenty of good songs that are happy!
Ben: Nope, all depressing.
Me: What about "Amazing Grace"? That's a very inspirational song about finding solace in God. It's not about death.
Ben: Oh yes it is! They find God so they can DIE and go to heaven.
Me: But the whole point is that death isn't true death, and you live eternally content with the Lord.
Ben: But you die.
Me: But it doesn't matter to them, that's the whole point!..oh, never mind. There are lots of other songs that are spiritually uplifting  - gospel-like songs.
Ben: Yeah about a guy who DIED!
Me: I said gospel-LIKE! They aren't all about Jesus!
Ben: Then you have the whole Blues genre.
Me: *sigh* ...I am so blogging this conversation.....
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